Education Case Study - Tickling Robots Are All The Rage

Well, it's certainly difficult to get children to behave these days. In fact, there doesn't seem to be much discipline at home, and it is quite self evident in the classroom at school. The other day, I was talking to a schoolteacher at Starbucks, and she noted that if she disciplined the kids too much, she could lose her job. Further, the school principal and the administration rarely backed the teacher up over parent's complaints. "When a child comes home and cries to their mother, often their mother will go marching down to the school and read the riot act to the principal," she told me.

As we were talking about this, we started brainstorming on ways to return discipline in the classroom. In my day they would just take a ruler and slap your hand, and wow does that would hurt! I can remember in elementary school, they would just smack you, so everyone pretty much decided to behave from then on out. Well, since we can't discipline the kids, maybe we can tickle them to death, if they don't behave.

Therefore, I propose tickling Robots, and I believe a startup company should produce one of these robots, and it would be all the rage on YouTube, and they would sell a ton of them.

Of course, you couldn't use them in the schools right away, as kids might wet their pants and that could be a problem, so you'd have to work out the tickling intensity level first. But wealthy parents could use it at home at first to discipline their kids, and that's a start.

Indeed, can you imagine having a tickling robot at your next party, wouldn't that be all the rage? What if you are playing cards, and rather than playing for money, when someone lost they got tickled. And you can have different levels of tickling, and different time periods. Now then, robotic ticklers makes sense, so don't laugh, well at least if you can stand it, then don't laugh.

The whole concept this makes me smile really, how about you?

You see, we have to do something to prevent this bad behavior in our society, and a tickling robot could do the trick. How would it work you ask? Well, it would probably be similar to an electric chair, where you strap the person in where they can't move, and the robot goes in with a feather duster type attachment, and a few rubbery protrusion apparatuses on the side. And depending on the level and setting, then it would go to town, and record the voice of the person laughing, to make sure it was within the proper range.

It would tickle them just short of torture, and speaking of torturing, wouldn't this be great to use on the terrorists? We could even keep the CIA tapes without destroying them. That would make the terrorists stop, and tell us all we need to know. I bet John McCain would love this one, hopefully you will send him this article, and also pass it on to all your friends, because we need this technology now. Please consider all this and think on it.

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